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This creamy mask is packed with the goodness of Spirulina that boosts the overall radiant appearance of facial skin and also helps to reduce acne breakouts and skin inflammation.

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, Spirulina gently detoxifies the skin while encouraging cell renewal.


Made using a base of organic, cold pressed himalayan hill gutti ka tel (Apricot Seed Oil), the rich and creamy texture of our mask does not dry out or stretch the skin like regular clay masks do. It gently deep cleans the skin, removes dirt and pollutants and sloughs away dry flaky skin while the quick absorbing apricot oil helps to moisturize and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow.


Packaged in a travel friendly tin, it is pre-prepared; thus allowing for no fuss facial pampering even on a busy day!


This is a gender neutral product

Detox (Creamy Spirulina Mask)

SKU: DCM0042
40 Grams
  • This is a preservative free product. Use a clean and dry finger or spatula to take out a small amount. 

    Wet your face first and then spread a small amount by massaging it on wet face to allow its creamy goodness to gently exfoliate and deep clean the facial skin.

    Leave on for about 5-10 minutes and then wipe off with a soft damp cloth. Wash off with water and pat dry.

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