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Ubtan Story Natural Handmade Skin & Hair Care Products

I was sent Ubtan Story’s products as a very thoughtful gift from my cousins. Having known me for ages, they knew how bad my acne could get and that I’ve always been sceptical of using products on my face. After a little nudge of trust, I went ahead and used their products and I CANNOT tell you how amazing they feel on your skin. I swear by their Skin Fix, its absolutely amazing!
And the best part? You can have a conversation with them about your skin issues and they recommend the best possible solution. A great experience and one that I’d love to continue sharing!”

Baani Singh, Gurugram

I've been regularly using Ubtan Story products for a few months now and it has been amazing! I get regular acne and have sensitive skin so I'm very sceptical of using new products but Skin Fix has been God sent!! It soothes my skin and I've also noticed that the acne has reduced ever since I've switched to these products. I've been using the cleansing balm on my face, along with Forever Young, the Facial Elixir for a month now, and I use Skin Fix once or twice a month. My hair is also loving Nourish and my curls just feel so manageable and healthy.

How can I forget your foot balm! It's an absolute favourite at home and a regular part of our Sunday pampering routine. The smell of peppermint is just heavenly and it feels so good. Keep doing what you're doing because you definitely have a regular customer here!”

Arzu Chimni, Gurugram

Ubtan Story Non Toxic Natural Skin & Hair Care Products
Ubtan Story

I’ve got to tell you this. I loved all your products. I looooved the conditioner bar. And that’s when I ordered the shampoo bar as well. But I haven’t gotten to try it yet. Seeing me try out all the products, my brother now wants to try them too. I could see difference in my skin within a few days of using Forever Young, the facial elixir. On the hair mask, it says use twice a month but I’ve been using it at least once a week. I love the way it moisturises my hair.
The whipped body scrub is something I’ve totally fallen in love with and use on an alternate day basis. Oh boy, it smells amazing!! This and the foot soak is a must for me after my workout. All the foot soaks that I’ve tried usually dry out my feet. But this moisturises my feet so well.
And you, I appreciate you for the effort you put into making these products and the smallest of details you add to the package that you send, like the dried flower petals that you added to the package you sent me. It makes the whole experience so special. Keep doing what you’re doing and I know for sure I’ll one day completely switch to using all your products 
I cannot wait to try your new products in future!...”

Akshaya Ashokan, Ernakulam

A glowing review from the gorgeous Sunayanna Malhotra - one of our favourite Delhi artists. Be sure to look up her exquisite collection of paintings on her Instagram handle @sunayanna_malhotra

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Sunayanna Malhotra, Delhi

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