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This hair fall defense solid shampoo bar comes packed with the goodness of 100% pure Indian Spirulina which is rich in minerals and Vitamin E, C & B6.

The combination of hair strengthening spirulina with soy and wheat germ extracts in this shampoo bar helps combat hair loss, restore hair texture and maintain scalp health.


It is recommended for dry / damaged hair that is prone to hair fall. Made using gentle cleansers it is 100% free from harsh SLS / SLES. Moreover, it does not strip away the natural moisture of the hair and scalp. Being super concentrated; it lasts much longer as compared to commercial liquid shampoos. 

Additionally, using a bar helps you cut plastic waste. No liquid shampoo means no plastic packaging bottles at home!


This is a Gender Neutral Product

Baal Baal Bache (Hair Fall Defense Shampoo Bar)

40 Grams
  • Wet your hair thoroughly. Glide the bar directly over wet hair to lather it up or rub between wet palms to create lather. Gently massage into hair and scalp before rinsing off. Leave the bar to air dry in a soap dish between uses. Use as often as needed.

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