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Ubtan Story by Priyanka Dev
Ubtan Story

My Story

​Ubtan Story's "kahani" really started with my Amma (my dadi) and the lovely fragrant Ubtan (homemade scrub) made by her. She has been my inspiration for always, instinctively, reaching out to things in the kitchen for my daily skincare needs. Her homemade ubtan was always there on the kitchen shelf for anyone who wanted to try it and her handmade kaajal was the absolute best that I have ever used. 


Ubtan Story is a collection of natural skin and hair care products that I have handcrafted by combining traditional recipes with many new ones using the skills that I acquired by studying with an International Skincare School. Every product has been carefully formulated using the most natural and pure ingredients that have been ethically and responsibly sourced from local suppliers.


What I wanted to do most was to do away with the commonly used plastic packaging that almost all personal care products come with. Most of the products I make require minimal or no packaging at all and I will be offering people the choice of buying my products package free wherever possible. I am also happy to take back the used containers for refills.


The intent has been to reduce packaging and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals that are harsh not just for our body but also for our planet earth as they go down our drains and end up in our water bodies.


Almost every product was created for someone special, keeping something specific in mind. There is, therefore, a story behind most of my creations. I hope you will enjoy using these products that have been handmade with love….

Priyanka Dev

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