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100 % Plastic Free Packaging


We use recyclable and reusable tins for packaging. Our bars come in a simple paper envelope packaging. Our labels have no plastic coating on them. We use paper shreds made from used office papers instead of plastic bubble-wrap to pack our products and protect them from impact damage. Our outer cartons are made of paper and these along with the paper shreds are 100 % compostable in a home composting bin. Our goal of minimizing the use of packaging means that we will always strive to offer package free / naked packaging wherever possible.

There is no Planet B and the planet that we live on is gorgeous and is the only one we have and therefore we are mindful of our impact on the planet, be it through the ingredients we use and the way we package and transport our products.



Recycled Materials


If we can’t make package free, then the next aim is to ensure that those products that do need packaging use the best and minimum impact, recycled or reused materials that are available. Our beautiful cloth “potli” bags are made using small pieces of waste cloth by our neighbourhood woman led boutique business.



Supporting Local Women-led Businesses


We hope to be a place where we encourage other small locally run businesses especially those run by women and we therefore pair our products with and promote products made by such businesses. We offer unique clay soap-dishes that are handcrafted specially for Ubtan Story by a woman artist. We pack our products in beautiful cloth “potli” bags that are made using small pieces of waste / extra cloth by a local woman led boutique business. We look forward to partnerships with other such local Indian businesses.


Animal Testing


We never conduct or commission animal tests. Furthermore we always choose to buy ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals.


We are a Vegetarian Company


Only vegetarian ingredients are used in our products.  We also commit to ensuring that there are always some vegan options in our range.


Our Campaigns


We actively campaign on the issue of Environmental Protection through our website and through our blog. We encourage people to minimize plastic waste, segregate their waste at home and experiment with home composting solutions.



Fair Business Dealings with Local Indian Suppliers


Wherever possible, we source locally and organically grown ingredients directly from the farmers that produce them. For example all our organic oils are purchased from farmers who extract them using traditional Indian cold pressed methods from fruit / seeds that are grown on their own organic farms. The cocoa butter that we use in our products is certified organic and made from organically grown South Indian cacao seeds


Fresh and Handmade in Small Batches

We have an innovative, effective range of products produced by hand and made in small batches using fresh ingredients without the use of harsh synthetic preservatives, parabens, petroleum derivatives, SLS and SLES.



Natural Plant Derived Ingredients


All the ingredients we use in all our products are natural and plant derived. We do not use any harmful / toxic chemicals, SLS, SLES, harsh preservatives, petroleum derivatives, artificial colours, artificial fragrances in any of our products. All the oils we use are organic cold and pressed oils and are sourced from local Indian farmers who extract them using traditional techniques from fruits / seeds grown in their organic farms. The cocoa butter used in our products is also Indian and of organic origin.

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