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Why we decided to make solid versions of products that are commonly available as liquids

Don’t you feel that pang of guilt when you see all those empty plastic shampoo bottles accumulating in your shower area every month? Add to that, the empty tubes of hair conditioner, toothpaste, shower gel, hand wash and face wash and you have a huge pile of plastic waste and no idea about how to dispose it in a safe way.

All these personal care products are conventionally made in a liquid form and sometimes this leaves you with no “choice” because you don’t see any “option” that could help you avoid all that plastic!

We made a conscious decision not to make any liquid shampoos, conditioners or face wash gels. We wanted to offer our earth conscious clients a “choice” in the form of a solid version of all of these products.

Our solid shampoo bars, solid hair conditioner bars and solid facial cleansing bars are made using gentle and pure ingredients. They are free from SLS, SLES, harsh parabens, petroleum derivatives and artificial fragrances. Furthermore, they last much longer as compared to their liquid counterparts as they are concentrated and you need very little of them in one use.

You now have an option to say “NO” to plastic packaging and bring home our bars that are available in ecofriendly paper bags that are compostable in a home composting unit!

Make a conscious choice today and pick up one of our bars!

Stay guilt - free as you buy plastic packaging free, gentle, sustainable skincare products.

Save Earth; this planet is precious and there is no planet B…

Choose from the following solid bars:

Nourishing Shampoo Bars: “Hair TreatMint” and “Baal Baal Bache”

Hair Conditioning Bar: “Calm”

Gentle Facial Cleansing Bar: “Fresh”

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