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Sustainable Living - It's all in the family!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Being earth conscious has always been a part of our life as we have always tried to get as close as possible to living a zero waste lifestyle as a family. Everyone in the family believes in it and is a part of it, including my son (14 years old) and my daughter (10 years old).

In 2017, The Times of India wrote a feature on our family's way of life by highlighting the fact that we segregate our waste and compost all our kitchen waste at home in a beautiful terracotta home composting unit that occupies just a small area of about 24 inches diameter in a little corner of our house. We have been composting our kitchen waste and making fabulous organic compost (black gold) for our plants for almost the 5 years now and this has helped us to prevent more than 3000 kg of waste away from the ever growing city landfill. The incredible bonus of course, is guilt free living, a peaceful conscience and the belief that we are doing our "bit".

The reason I always talk about this is because I want people to know and understand how easy this can be - and that it is possible for all of us to do this if we have the will and the intention to contribute in keeping our precious planet alive...

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